Why Nail Care Should Be An Essential Part Of Any Guy’s Grooming Routine

Why Nail Care Should Be An Essential Part Of Any Guy’s Grooming Routine


But, that’s not the only reason you should man up and manicure those nails. While you’re at it, your feet could probably benefit even more from a little grooming.

There’s nothing emasculating about grooming your nails—or even getting a manicure or pedicure. There are loads of men who get their cuticles cut back and nails groomed. And there are plenty of reasons to join them, aside from aesthetics.


For runners, athletes, and pretty much any active guy, nail care can be as important as a warmup when it comes to your workout. Yes, your workout. There’s a lot more trauma inside the shoe when you have longer toe nails and calluses that aren’t properly taken care of. Have you ever seen a runner’s feet? Not the prettiest. All the rubbing and jarring movements during long bouts on the road or trail can leave toenails bruised and black. And with enough impact, the nail can even fall off since it takes the majority of the impact when your foot slides inside the shoe. Keeping your nails short can reduce irritation.

Plus, the longer your toe nails and the more you let debris build up under the nail, the greater your chance of suffering infections and ingrown nails grows. Aside from being, well, disgusting. This can deter from your workout and hinder performance due to the simple fact that you’re in pain. It’s so much easier and smarter to prevent this all in the first place by maintaining nice short nails and staying groomed.


Again, not to hone in too much on the fact first impressions are everything, but if you’re a businessman, grimy paws aren’t a great reflection on your professionalism. Your grooming reflects you as a person—your ability to take care of yourself and showcase the fact you have yourself together.

Remember this: Your hands are always on display. Men and women don’t want to shake a claw or stare at filthy fingernails.

Also, hygiene is a huge reason to keep your nails clean, short, and trimmed. If your idea of trimming your nails is gnawing on them, you’re exposing yourself to a host of germs and bacteria. Your hands touch everything. Think about how the colonies of germs on public transportation systems are like a germy jungle and the fact not everyone washes their hands after going to the bathroom. If that doesn’t skeeve you out enough to stop the terrible habit, keep your nails short so you don’t have anything to gnaw on. Ready to head to a salon yet?


You’ll Be Judged for Going
It’s been proven in research that men aren’t that great at taking care of themselves. They’re less inclined to go to the doctor, report a problem, take medication, and certainly take proper care of their nails. You probably also think it’s socially frowned upon for a man to go out and get his nails “done.” But guess what? You’re thinking too much. It’s really not a big deal. You’ll find most guys would enjoy getting their nails groomed and hands massaged; it’s just the idea of getting it done has always put them off from trying. If you’re really worried, go with your girlfriend or simply a girl friend and say they “made you go.”

Salons Are Just for Women
Definitive proof this is a myth: There are many, many spas and salons that are catering specifically to dudes with male-only services and treatments. While we are not a male-only salon, our salon and spa sees just as many men on a daily basis as women. Luckily for you, Philip Johnson Salon/Spa is the perfect place to test the waters when it comes to nail care. Our nail room is a private sanctuary away from the rest of the salon. You can pop in and out and nobody will be the wiser.

You Have to Get Polished
This is one of the biggest misconceptions. You don’t need to get polished or buffed, It’s totally optional for you to get a clear coat of polish. Some guys don’t like the look of it, and that’s okay. You can still get your nails trimmed, filed, pared down, and get your calluses and cuticles fixed.

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